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  • Wed 01 July 2020 10:42 UTC Forex Blog - Articles AllFXBrokers Support 8

    What are forex rollovers or overnight fees?

    What are forex rollovers or overnight fees? If you have been using the MT4 trading platform, then chances are that you have come across something called overnight or rollover fees. At times, if you have kept a position open overnight, you would see…
  • Wed 01 July 2020 10:37 UTC Forex Blog - Articles AllFXBrokers Support 13

    Three types of trading principles that you should know

    Three types of trading principles that you should know There are many different trading systems that are available these days. Some seem to be profitable, while others are not. Traders often make the mistake of jumping from one trading system to…
  • Wed 01 July 2020 10:29 UTC Forex Blog - Articles AllFXBrokers Support 10

    Introduction to different trading and charting software

    Introduction to different trading and charting software Ask a trader to name their forex trading software and chances are that you will hear about the Metatrader 4 trading platform. This is because the Metatrader 4 trading platform has become the go…


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We are dedicating ourselves to provide you with a comprehensive research of the Forex Brokers that are in business in nowadays. In this aspect, we have designed and introduced our website so we can help you to select the Forex Broker for your online trading. Given that we are Forex Traders too, we believe that we understand most of your needs and requirements from your Broker. For this reason, we strive to introduce as much more accurate and complete info for each Forex Broker that is listed in our website.Apart from the detailed info on each Forex Broker, we are well aware of your needs on keeping up to date with their promotions and different bonuses they offer. The website will also guide you through the existing promotions each broker has so when you decide to go for a new live account with a new Broker you can make sure that you will be benefited too for their new promotions.The market is quite competitive and there are a number of Forex brokers that can have pretty much the same conditions and bonuses. If you have any doubts to choose between different Brokers, we have introduced a unique compare feature for you. The feature will allow you to compare as many Brokers you wish and you can even select the fields you wish to compare the brokers with. It is like you have spoken to the brokers and they guided you through all their accounts and packages they have. These details are listed in the same page between the different Brokers so we can make the selection of your Forex Broker as easy as possible. We are Forex traders at the end of the day and we would like to concentrate most of our time in our trading decisions and not on selecting a specific broker. This will be eliminated once you go through our website.





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