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About FCA

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the regulator for the Forex Brokers that are located in the United Kingdom.  As one of the oldest and most respected regulators around the globe, there are many Forex Brokers that aim to acquire the license.

Despite that the FCA is an EU regulated body, the FCA is highly active and sometimes stricter than the rest of the competent authorities in the EU. There were many cases that well known Forex Brokers have received large fines from the FCA for price manipulations and acting against the clients best interests.

For cases that a Forex Broker that is regulated by the FCA goes bankrupt, the Financial Services Commission scheme will cover all retail clients up to the amount of £30,000 and 90% for the next £20,000 but it cannot exceed the amount of £50,000 that is higher than the rest of the EU competent authorities.

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