About USA Clients



About USA Clients

The Dodd-Franc Wall Street Act of 2010 that was signed by Obama has dramatically changed the regulation for the USA Forex clients. In a nutshell, it forbids USA clients to trade Forex unless they are dealing with a NFA-CFTC approved Broker. They are not allowed also to trade XAU/USD or XAG/USD with their Forex Brokers in the USA. In addition, the highest leverage that they can use is up to 50:1 for the major currency pairs and 20:1 for the minors. Another restriction that came in effect from the said rule was the First In and First Out (FIFO) restriction. Basically, it restricts USA clients from closing first a position in a currency pair that was opened before another position on the same pair. 

In effect, all USA regulated Forex Brokers were forced to follow the above rules and for Non USA Forex Brokers they were basically forced to stop offering Forex trading services for USA clients. The list of the USA clients aims to offer a clear view with the Forex Brokers that accept USA clients and if they do, to identify the Brokers that follow the trading restrictions imposed by the USA.

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