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Tuesday, 29 January 2019 06:40

What is an Expert Advisor?

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What is an Expert Advisor? An expert advisor is not quite what the name suggests. This is not an expert in the financial markets who will advise you on how to trade. In trading terminology and especially in the forex markets, an expert advisor is an automated trading script. Traders make use of an expert advisor to buy and sell or trade without the need for any human intervention. An expert advisor of course is nothing but a piece of code that runs according to the rules and the logic that is programmed. An expert advisor is considered to be…
Monday, 28 January 2019 21:46

Forex Triangular Arbitrage Strategy

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Forex Triangular Arbitrage Strategy Triangular arbitrage also referred to as cross currency arbitrage or a three point arbitrage is one of the Forex strategies that elude the understanding of most Forex traders. To have an understanding of the triangular arbitrage strategy as applied in Forex trading; it is important to first look at the meaning of arbitrage. An arbitrage opportunity arises when one can buy and sell related assets simultaneously usually selling expensive assets and buying cheap assets at the same time to realize a profit. Arbitrage in Forex trading is mainly practiced in an attempt to take advantage of…
Forex regulatory authorities, the good, the bad and the ugly Forex regulatory authorities are the watchdogs of the retail forex industry. They are a government enabled body which looks after various aspects starting from issuing licenses to set up a forex brokerage firm to ensuring transparency and fairness in the industry. Most often, a forex regulatory authority also conducts audit checks on the firms licensed under them to ensure that the firms adhere to the norms. Depending on the jurisdiction, you can find a local forex regulatory authority. The primary purpose of the regulatory authority is to ensure that the…
Saturday, 19 January 2019 20:34

What is A book and B book in forex trading?

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What is A book and B book in forex trading? What’s in book, you might ask? Well, no matter what market you trade, fact is that for most investors and traders, you can only get access to the financial market through your broker. Your broker, in turn has an option to execute your trade in one of the many ways. Books, in trading are commonly used in order to mitigate risk. The term book is similar to a book used in accounting, such as ledger. The ledger keeps tracks of the cashflow. An accountant, in most cases has the ask…
What is algorithmic trading and how does it work? Algorithmic trading is an advanced form of automated trading, often employed by large hedge funds and investment banking firms. Most traders often mistake algorithmic trading to be similar to using an expert advisor. An expert advisor is a type of trading script that buys and sells based on the trading logic that it is programmed to do. Algorithmic trading is somewhat similar to an EA. The difference being that algorithmic trading goes beyond a normal EA. In technical jargon, algorithmic trading is also known as algo trading or back box trading.…
Saturday, 19 January 2019 20:31

What are the top 5 forex platforms

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What are the top 5 forex platforms Not all trading platforms are created equal. Depending on the broker that you use, chances are that you have a choice to choose between the numerous trading platforms that are available these days. But as with anything, choosing a trading platform is more of a personal choice than anything else. What works for you, might not work for the trader next door. Still, today, there are numerous choices that are available for a trader. While most brokers offer a free trading platform, there are also trading platforms that you can purchase and simply…
What's the difference between fixed and variable spreads? A spread, in the financial markets is the difference between the bid and the ask price. No matter what markets you trade, you will always see that there is a spread on the price. If you come across a broker that promises you zero spread, chances are that either they are lying or there are fees that you just don't know about. Before we begin to explore the difference between a fixed and variable spread, we should understand the concept of spread. What is a spread? As previously mentioned, a spread is…
Saturday, 19 January 2019 20:29

Identifying trends in forex

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Identifying trends in forex Trends are the most important aspect when it comes to analyzing the financial markets. One of the key things, regardless of the kind of technical analysis is the trend. Therefore, it is important for traders to have a thorough understanding of the trend. The trends in the financial market were first postulated by Charles Dow. Known as the father of the trend, Charles Dow was the first to identify the different types of trends in the market. According to Dow, known as the Dow Theory there are three major trends in the market. The primary trend…
How listening to music can affect your trading Everyone loves to listen to music. While some prefer soothing sounds, there are others who prefer more active kind of music. The music we listen to, often influences our mood and the way we react to things. Anyone who has had a desk job, at some point has plugged in their earphones to focus on the work they do. It is often said that music can influence our psyche. In forex trading, you very well know that trading psychology plays an important role. As a result, the music you listen to while…
Saturday, 19 January 2019 20:24

How to Trade with a Pending Order?

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How to Trade with a Pending Order? There are several types of orders on Forex. Each of them has its pros and cons. But in this article, I would like to tell you what are pending orders and how to set them. So, let’s go. A pending order is a trader's request to buy or sell when the price reaches a certain level. That is, if the price rises (or falls) to the desired level, pending orders will turn into transactions. Pending orders allow us to react in time to a change in the current market situation, if you suddenly…
Five traits that are common to poker and forex trading There is no shortage of information when it comes to drawing comparisons between a game of poker and trading the financial markets. While it is one argument about whether poker is a game of skill or gambling, that is clear is the fact that there are quite a few common things that a poker player and a forex trader can identify with. You don't really need to know how to play poker. However, these common traits will help readers better understand what it takes to win.. Whether you are trading…
Saturday, 19 January 2019 20:14

5 Tips to stay focused while Forex Trading

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5 Tips to stay focused while Forex Trading Forex trading can often be taxing especially when you are trading day in and day out. At some point fatigue, distractions can often cloud the judgment of the day trader. For the most part, the biggest challenge for forex traders is staying focused. This is even more important especially when a trader has taken a string of losses. For traders, staying focused even after the markets beat you down is of utmost importance. This is how emotions start to creep into the trader's psyche which will result in incurring further losses. Almost…
Saturday, 19 January 2019 20:13

What is Cryptocurrency?

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What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is the latest fad to hit the financial markets made famous by names such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and Litecoin. As the name suggests, a cryptocurrency is digital money or an asset. It acts just like a normal currency. This means that a cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange. The difference however is that crypto currencies exist only on the internet. A cryptocurrency also differs from the fact that it uses cryptography to maintain integrity of the cryptocurrency and its security. A cryptocurrency is also known as a virtual currency as well. Cryptocurrency came into the…
What is Trailing Stop Loss and how to use it? A trailing stop loss order is a type of order that allows the trader to capitalize on the gains from a trade when it moves in the direction of the trade. At the same time, a trailing stop order is triggered and automatically closed when the trade reverses by a specified number of pips or ticks. A trailing stop is nothing but a stop loss order. The difference however is that it is more dynamic. Once a trailing stop order is set, a trader does not need to intervene. There…
Saturday, 19 January 2019 20:10

What is Forex Stop Hunting?

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What is Forex Stop Hunting? Stop hunting, at the name suggests refers to the phenomenon when price reverses sharply (usually resulting in a long wick). This sudden and sharp movement occurs usually when some important economic news is released. Stop hunting happens when a lot of traders’ orders are liquidated. In most cases, these are the stop loss orders. Whether a trader is long or short, stop hunting happens when then stop loss order is hit and soon after the trade moves in the opposite positions. Forex stop hunting is obviously the most despised event that retail traders wish not…
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