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I. Forex Trading School's Free Online FX Trading School - Educational Articles & Material



Forex education with AllFxbrokers gives you a structured course to learn about forex markets. Start as a novice and graduate as an expert in forex trading with our online forex learning course.

Forex trading is all about speculating the currency markets.

You cannot expect to master forex trading overnight, or even over a few years. Just as with any field of study or profession, forex trading requires time and constant efforts.

But as you can imagine, the forex markets are vast and there are many aspects that you should learn.

AllFxbrokers’ forex trading school gives you the chance to understand the concepts of trading before you can jump in. At the end of this course, you would be fairly confident in your trading and be able to start on a firm footing.

Trading can be simple, but there is a lot of work that goes behind the scenes.

Just like we all learn to walk before we can run, our course is structured along the same lines. Below is a quick summary of what you can expect from the AllFxbrokers forex trading school.


Novice Level1. Novice Level


Starting with the very basic, the Novice section outlines the concept of the forex or the currency markets.

Starting with an introduction to the forex markets we explain how it is different from other financial market structures.

You will learn important basics such as:

  • What is the forex market all about and how it is different from other markets
  • How your trades are executed in the market and the costs associated with trading forex
  • The role of regulation in the forex markets
  • Choosing the right forex broker
  • How to protect yourself from forex broker scams

By the end of this section you would be able to give a fair explanation of the forex markets, the difference to other financial markets and how you can avoid the traps of online forex trading.


Advanced Beginner Level2. Advanced Beginner Level


The Advanced Beginner section builds upon the knowledge gained from the Novice section. Here, we will walk you through the various technical jargons that are used. From understanding the meaning of a Pip to introducing you to the MT4 trading platform, this level brings closer to the action.

This section ties the concepts outlined in the Novice and prepares you for what’s to come. The articles are still basic, but we move from a more general approach to focusing on the forex markets.

In this section we cover:

  • How to read the price charts in forex
  • Introduction to the economic calendar and why it is important for forex traders
  • A basic introduction to the MT4 trading platform
  • Margin call and leverage in forex

At the end of this article, you will be ready to take on the more advanced concepts of trading. You will be familiar with the different types or orders and the MT4 trading platform, which is the most widely used forex trading platform.


Competent Level3. Competent Level


In the Competent section, you will learn everything about how to analyze the markets and how to trade. We explain concepts such as trading signals, building a routine and a lot more.

The Competent section allows you to dive into the forex markets as we cover topics such as:

  • Fundamental and technical analysis in forex
  • Introduction to trend lines, support and resistance levels
  • Forex managed accounts and automated trading systems
  • Using the MT4 platform to run expert advisors and using indicators

At the end of this section you should be able to read and analyze the price charts on your own. You would also be able to make your own trade. Unlike others, you would be able to differentiate between forex managed accounts or building your own trading strategies and automating them.


Proficient Level4. Proficient Level


The Proficient section dives into the more advanced concepts in forex. You will find these in your day to day trading. This is where the action happens! At the proficient level, we introduce you to the following:

  • Understand the meaning of reversals and retracements
  • The concept of divergence in the forex markets
  • Trading based on Fibonacci levels
  • Measuring volatility

And of course, a lot more!

At the end of this section you will be able to independently analyze the charts and identify potential trading opportunities. You will gain a strong understanding of the various concepts in technical analysis and use these in your trading.


The Expert Level5. The Expert Level


The Expert level is where ends!

Here, we introduce you to the concepts of using tools that will help you to fine tune your trading. This will give you an edge as it enhances your existing knowledge already.

In "The Expert" level some of the things you will learn about include:

  • Carry trades and reading and understanding market sentiment
  • Picking tops and bottoms with the CoT report
  • Correlations in the markets and much more.

The concepts in this section will be the last set before we can remove the training wheels for you.

At the end you should be very well versed with the forex markets and be able to start building your own trading strategies and trade with confidence.

Ready to start your journey as a forex trader?

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