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С++ developer | Exness | Job Vacancy

  • Job Department: IT

  • Job Location: Limassol, Cyprus

  • Type of Employement : Full-Time

  • Date Posted: 22/01/2019

  • Job Status: Open

Job Description: 


Work in the team of developers of financial instruments, the creation of high-load and fault-tolerant systems.
Creating internal products using modern technology.

Completed higher technical education
Experience in developing commercial products, C ++ programming experience from 5 years.
Excellent knowledge of STL, boost
Confident knowledge of the OOP, knowledge of design patterns, basic algorithms and data structures
The use of modern standards C ++ 11/14, modern programming practices
Experience in developing projects using multi-threading and synchronization, client-server architecture (IPC / TCP / UDP), interaction with DBMS (postgresql, sqlite).
Experience in developing high-availability services (24/7)
Excellent debugging, profiling and code optimization skills
Extensive development experience in the Windows platform, confident knowledge of the Win32 API
Steady habit of checking your code, covering it with unit tests, refactoring
Skills of working with version control systems (GIT, SVN)
Experience of commercial development in other programming languages ​​(C # / Python / C)
Development experience using MetaTrader4 Server and Manager API
Skills of using RPC frameworks (Google Protobuf, Apache Thrift, gSOAP)
MQ skills (ØMQ, RabbitMQ)
Understanding of the principles of functioning and development of distributed computing systems

We offer a commensurate experience wages.
Official registration in the Republic of Cyprus of the employee and all family members (granting a working visa for the employee and dependent visas (Family reunification) for family members (spouses, children)
Corporate car for each employee for personal use
Corporate fitness Sanctum gym & spa is a 5-minute walk from the office. Includes gym, saunas, swimming pool, group classes. Paid parking. At the request of the employee, the company provides a parking permit next to the office or a monthly ticket for all city bus routes.
50% discount on learning English and Greek
Medical insurance. On the first day an application is made for the employee and his family members.
Corporate doctor to provide advice and medical assistance to an employee or his family members by phone, in our office or in a clinic
Partial reimbursement for dental and ophthalmologist services (staff only)
Partial coverage of medical expenses that are not included in the insurance plan for children under 1 year of age
Full coverage of vaccination costs for children up to 2 years old (both in the European and Russian calendar)
Attendance at relevant international conferences
Yoga classes on the roof of the office with a gorgeous view of the sea, where there is a bar with delicious coffee, juices and cocktails, entertainment - corporate aquabikes, sports and family activities, fun corporate events and much more.



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