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Brexit 101: A Guide to Trading GBP Crosses


This summer, an enormous economic event is approaching us: on the 23rd of June, Britain is going to take a final vote on the future of the country in Europe. The crucial referendum can bring tectonic shifts to the global economic lanscape, leading financial markets into massive and long-lasting volatility

On our FREE one-hour webinar we will outline the ways to get the maximum benefits from ‘Brexit’ Referendum.

Prominent investment strategist, Kiana Danial, will help you to plan your trading activities and prepare for any outcome of this high-impact event.


What to expect?

• The consequences of ‘Out’ voting for GBP and British economy;

• The possibility of Eurozone crisis if the UK leaves;

• The main trading principles during the volatility;

• Reducing the risks while trading Brexit.  


See the bigger picture and be prepared for the significant changes in the European economy. Join us for FREE on the 23rd of June, Wednesday, at 17:00 GMT.




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About Kiana Danial

Kiana Danial is a former Electrical Engineer, published author and founder of Invest Diva, who started trading FX in Japan many years ago. Together with her highly trained team of analysts, Invest Diva's market updates provide a complete 360 degree technical analysis, presented in simple and easy-to-understand formats for all traders.



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