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Copy trading - your way to success 13-10-2016 by LiteForex


For beginners

Training materials dealing with the basic ideas of Forex trading. The materials of this section will help you understand the Forex market faster than you think.



Copy trading as a forex service

The LiteForex Company has developed a reliable technical platform that allows traders to earn from forex right from the beginning. The service was called Social Trading, which reflects its essence and the benefits it provides to the users. This professional platform has become a venue for efficient communication and interaction between beginner and experienced traders. Its set of functions fully automates the process of copying another trader's trades and guarantees safety and reliability of execution to every participant.


Social trading allows clients to not only copy other traders' trades and earn from them, but also read newsfeeds, share your own materials for a fee and provide trades for copying.


On the whole, this is a complete range of tools for communicating efficiently, exchanging expertise and increasing earnings from the Forex market without sufficient skills. In a nutshell, this article is for those who haven't got enough knowledge for trading independently or simply don't want to get immersed into trading too deeply, but are not willing to neglect an opportunity of earning from the market.


Piece of cake? Indeed! Social Trading breaks stereotypes


The Socilal Trading system is so transparent and user-friendly that no room for doubts in its efficiency is left. The users of the Social trading platform cooperate on mutually beneficial conditions. So, how does the service work?
A brokerage company's clients are both currency trading professionals and beginner traders. The former have traded in the market for a long time, earning successfully for a living, the latter are just making the first steps. Obviously, the former would be glad to multiply profits while the latter would eagerly borrow some trading solutions from them. That's what a copy trading system is founded on. With no risks or losses, experienced traders trade as usual and provide trades automatically to other traders for a fee through SocialTrading.


Novices who have joined the social trading network can select a professional trader and subscribe to his/her trades for a fee. So, the wolves are full and the sheep are whole. The cooperation benefits the both parties.


Why should I copy trades or how to use the service skilfully?

If we may say so, not every beginner trader would be happy with a mere blind duplication of a professional trader's trades. If you don't plan to master this profession and only want to collect profits, you just need to select truly successful traders, copy their trades and revel in results (collecting profits and paying a small percentage). But if you wish to develop your own trading skills, then consider Social Trading as a chance to learn from real professionals, compare your trading ideas with theirs and take your trading decisions based on their assumptions. This is real with Social Trading too. The platform has been developed perfectly well and, despite being automated, it can still be adjusted.


You can copy trades partially, read newsfeeds, or trade independently based on professional decisions. Just choose your way!


In any case, you are the winner and your profits grow. To get more details on the service, click here or contact the company's support team.
Learn, develop yourself and use the LiteForex broker to your advantage. It's much easier to trade and get high profits in the Forex market when we approach the subject skilfully. Happy trading, dear friends!



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