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How Much You Could Have Gained on FB?

There was an enormous number of trading opportunities this week.

Today we will examine an example to see how much you could have made from just one trade.

How much you would have earned, if you had bought 140 Facebook(NASDAQ: FB) shares?

Right before the earnings report Facebook stocks reached the price of $106.89 per share.

With deposit of $1,000, leverage 1:10 and 50% bonus, you were able to buy140 (NASDAQ: FB) stocks.

If you had sold them on the opening of the next trading session, you would have earned $1,760.80 from this trade, since share prices have reached $119.72 over night.

Could you predict such growth?

Yes, if you paid attention and read our newsletters.

Do we have other trading ideas you can use?

Yes, we do!
Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) will announce earnings on May, 4 after the bell. Automotive company has already sold over 325,000 units of its new Model 3 in this quarter. How will it affect earnings?
Another company with growth possibility is Alibaba(NYSE: BABA). This Chinese based retailer will announce earnings on May, 5 before market open.
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