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Hidden functions of Metatrader


Have you already downloaded and installed trading platform Metatrader on your computer? You can see that Metatrader has a user-friendly interface, which is very encouraging making you feel that you have been working with it for a long time. However, this terminal has some hidden functions, which you cannot see at first sight but which can be useful for a trader.

  • Review of the review

In order to have a complete list of trading instruments available for trading, find an icon “Market Review” on your trading terminal and click the icon with the help of the right-hand button of the mouse. Select "Show all symbols" function. Now, you see the list of all trading instruments from which you can select those you are going to use for trading and drag them in the area of the active instruments on your terminal.
Note also that a user can place instruments in the order convenient for him/her and remove the instruments, which he/she is not going to use.

  • Two or more indicators

You can use more than one technical indicator on the same price chart. In order to do this, click the icon “View” and then “Navigator”. You will see the list of indicators and you can drag the indicators, which you need for trading into your chart.

  • Past transactions

You can easily add past transaction to the chart. Just click “View”, then "Terminal" and "Account History". You can drag past transactions into your chart just the way you do with the technical indicators. If you hold the “Shift” key while dragging a transaction, full trading history of the trading instrument will be displayed on the chart.

  • Quotes

In order to monitor changes to quotes, you shall press a button F10. You will see the icon with all quotes. Choose the option “Always on top”.

  • Price scale

A price scale is a very useful device for analyzing price charts. In order to add it, just click the middle key of the mouse and Ctrl+F.

  • Modification of the price chart

In order to change the layout of the chart, drag the price down with the help of the double-headed arrow (from the right to the left). In order to go back to the previous layout, just click a mouse twice on the price area.

  • Password options

Metatrader trading platform allows you to use not only a trader password, (which is your main password), you can also use an investor password. The first one enables you to trade on the account, while the latter allows you to view the information.

  • How to change a password?

In the menu tab “Service" choose “Settings”. Then in the tab "Server" click on the button "Change".

  • Trailing stop

It is a very useful function enabling to gain the highest profit on the transaction. The fact is that stop loss moves automatically along with the changes in price. When you use this function, it is important to remember that your terminal should be always connected with the server.

  • Saving of the charts

If for any reason you need to save an image of the price chart it is possible on the terminal. Click on the chart with the right-hand button of the mouse and choose "Save As” in the pop-in list.

  • Cancel

In order to disable a command on your trading terminal you can just click the buttons Ctrl + Z.



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