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How to choose the best capital investment strategy? 02-11-2016 by LiteForex



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Learn how to make your money work - earn passive income! All about Forex investments.


Types of investments at Forex

Forex offers its clients wide range of choice! They can conduct trade or make different types of investments. Investment to the trading accounts at Forex is an option, enabling a client to receive profit without being involved in trading.
There are two types of investments at Forex: Classical and Alternative.


"Classical type of investing at Forex is similar to keeping money on the account in the commercial bank. You can keep money on Forex trading account and earn interest."

An alternative type of investment is not a traditional one, however it gives an investor a higher profit with the help of the social trading platform “Social Trading”.


Classical investment strategies

At Forex market traders can open trading accounts, which they use for trading. When registering at Forex, each client can choose the most suitable for him/her type of trading account. At the same time, trading accounts can be also used for making long-term investments with the payable annual interest. This option is for people, who prefer traditional ways of investing money, which is not aimed at receiving short-term dividends. LiteForex offers two types of trading accounts with an annual interest rate.




Annual interest rate for this type of trading accounts is 3.5% per annum. You can register on the official site of the company, open an account and place a deposit for any amount.



Trading account ECN gives 7.5% per annum. However, this account is special as it is associated with the bonus program "Bring a friend 3.0".


This is the third version of this program, which has been very popular among traders and attracted a lot of new clients to LiteForex, as this program proves to be very profitable.

This bonus program can help you increase profit not just by 7.5% per year from the invested funds, but also receive additional income for participation in this bonus program. You attract referrals to the company and receive a commission for each referral. The commission is accrued on your trading account. The procedure is simple - a trader registers in the program "Bring a friend 3.0", opens ECN account and receives a referral link. Your referrals can join the program using your referral link and you receive a commission for each attracted referral as an additional income. You can learn detailed description of this bonus program at the official site of LiteForex


Alternative investment strategy

It happens sometimes that traditional ways of making investments are not acceptable for some investors as they want to receive profit quickly. There is an alternative option of investing money for people, who want to receive profit in the short-term. For them Forex offers a platform of social trading called “Social Trading”.


"Social Trading platform is designed for professional traders who have effective trading strategies. However, this platform can be also used by investors who can earn money by copying transactions of the experienced traders."

So, you register with the company and open a duplicator account on the platform "Social trading". After this you can choose a professional trader (service providers), who you think, is the most successful. After that you can copy his/her trades. By copying trades of a provider, a duplicator (investor) receives the same interest as the provider, in accordance with the amount of money on his/her trading account. There are no any restrictions in terms of funds withdrawal or investment period. 

We wish you all good luck!



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