UFX Rewards



The Only Loyalty Programme Awarding You Cashback for Every Trade You Make




Every asset on UFX's trading platform offers a certain amount of Cashback for each position you open on it.

Once you've funded your account, you will be presented with your first trading target.

Keep an eye on the progress circle surrounding your UFX Reserve to see how much more you have to earn in order to redeem your Cashback.




When you get the Make It Rain trading target, you’ll receive a dollar amount Cashback goal. Earn Cashback Rewards by opening more trades on different assets. Watch your progress towards your Cashback target by checking on the progress circle around your UFX Reserve. Once you reach the Cashback goal, you'll be able to redeem your Cashback.


To reach the That's How You Leverage trading target, open trades on your favourite assets until you reach your trading volume goal.

Tip: Remember to calculate the leverage offered on each of our individual assets so you can open positions with larger trading volumes, and reach your target faster.


When you receive the Serial Trader trading target, you will need to trade a few days in a row to be able to redeem your Cashback.

All you have to do is open a position every day by clicking


When you receive the Wolf of CFDs trading target, you will need to open a certain amount of trading positions to be able to redeem your Cashback.


Claim your Cashback and transfer what you earned to your balance when you complete your assigned trading target.


Once you've reached your target, all you have to do is press the UFX Reserve at the bottom right and the funds will be transferred towards your account balance.

Once your Cashback is transferred to your account balance, you'll get your next target.
It's that simple.


For more information about UFX Rewards, please read our Terms & Conditions.



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