XM to Hold Forex Seminar in Taipei this July


On 30th July 2016 XM will be heading on to the Taiwanese capital Taipei for a free forex seminar, presented by instructor Marios Pashardes.

For our affiliate partners and introducing brokers the upcoming event is yet another great opportunity to let their clients know about the seminar, which will be held at The Westin Taipei hotel and exploring the best opportunities presented by the correct use of technical analysis in trading.

The seminar will have a morning and an afternoon session, which will help traders improve their trading skills and learn about new strategies from Marios Pashardes, whose aim is to emphasize the practical aspect of technical analysis. Not only will attendees have the chance to get a better overview of market trending and price action, but they will also receive valuable information about how to generate entry or exit signals with the Avramis Swing Indicator and how to use the Avramis Trend Reversal strategy.

Seminar participants will also have the opportunity to enter the XM Lucky Draw, offering prizes worth 1,500 USD to the lucky winners, whose names will be raffled after the seminar ends.

The XM staff members, along with instructor Marios Pashardes, look forward to welcoming clients in Taipei on 30th July. 


Seminar details (Free Forex Seminar in Taipei)

Swing traders find it essential to exploit short-time price action in the markets. By means of technical analysis, by using charts and following trends they can identify the three main ingredients for optimal trading results: what to buy, in which direction and when.

Seminar participants will have the chance to learn about the proper use of charts, as well as understand market trending and price patterns to profit from the forex market. They will also gain valuable knowledge of the relevant correlations of multiple time frames and how these can be incorporated into their trading practices.

Since Fibonacci ratios help traders identify future support and resistance levels for their profit targets, details of how to correctly analyse trends and how to spot out the best time for profit taking with the the Fibonacci numbers will be demonstrated with real-life examples. Seminar attendees will become familiar with the principles of swing trading and Fibonacci to trade more confidently and to be able to calculate the outcome of their trades. At the same time, they will gain a deeper understanding of how techniques work and what set of rules should be kept in view when applying them in practice.


Morning Session
During this session participants will get to understand how the forex market works, what strategies can be applied for money management, how time frames work, what needs to be kept in sight when analyzing the markets, and the main rules of market trending will be explained in detail with easy to understand examples.


Afternoon Session
During this session attendees will be introduced to the Avramis Swing Indicator, which they can use to identify the trend of any instrument they may choose for trading. The strategy of the day, the Avramis Trend Reversal will also be explained that helps traders easily identify trends, plan entry and exit points, as well as manage risk with stop and profit orders.


  • Learn about the basics of forex
  • Understand how to use the Avramis Swing System to generate entry and exit signals
  • Understand the essence of trading tools to analyze the markets with ease
  • Correctly identify the trend of any instrument such as equities, forex, commodities
  • Use Fibonacci retracements and projections to predict trend reversals and to set stop and profit orders
  • Spot the best trading opportunities


Date: 30 July 2016

Time:10:00 - 16:00

Address: No.133, Section 3, East Nanjing Road, Taipei, 10487, Taiwan

Instructor: Marios Pashardes



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