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Euro hit below 1.1350 which indicating drop pressure over short-run as market facing big support zone on a head

market now facing several support levels inside the intraday trading levels where 1.1315 , 1.1270 and 1.1225 would consider the support level

as long as market holding trades below 1.1385 we shall see a drop correction movement toward those 3 support levels we mentioned above

above 1.1390 market may re-gain strength
  LEVEL1 1.1315 1.1385
  LEVEL2 1.1270 1.1435
  LEVEL3 1.1225 1.1495




As we saw in yesterday trading levels, market managed o obtain rebound correction as expected while advance above our projected target with around 50 pips to hit 1.4320 zone before retreating back inside the downtrend wave

market now having support at 1.4150-60 zone which may case another rebound correction toward 1.4270-80 zone

as long as market holding below 1.4325 will expect this downtrend wave to sustain toward 1.3950

intraday indicators showing ability for intraday trading zone between 1.4150 - 1.4280
  LEVEL1 1.4150-60 1.4270-80
  LEVEL2 1.4050-80 1.4325
  LEVEL3 1.3950 1.4380-1.4400




Market managed to sustain trades below 111.35 where managed to sustain drop toward 110.55 as we advised yesterday

market managed to fell below 110.50 support trend on safe haven demand which now showing ability for farther decline where our Mid-Run target back to stage again toward 106.60

however market may be in alert situation if dollar/yen fell below 110.00 levels as BOJ consider any prices below this zone as a potential intervention to weaken the Yen and so traders need to stay alert

as long as market holding trades below 111.05 the downtrend movement will sustain toward 108.80 and 106.60

  LEVEL1 110.00 111.05
  LEVEL2 109.50 111.70
  LEVEL3 108.80 112.70

Crude Oil

  Oil 6K -


Market managed to fell below 36.15 support zone which activated more drop movement as Saudi Arabia refuse Output freeze without Iran

as we see over the chart, market facing several resistance levels that pushing Oil for more drop toward 34.25 zone

market resistance at 36.15 , 37.20 and 37.90 where as long as Oil holding trades below those levels the downtrend will sustain toward 34.25 and 32.35

the downtrend speed movement depend on which resistance holding the market below to resume more drop lows
  LEVEL1 35.25 36.15
  LEVEL2 34.25 37.20
  LEVEL3 32.35 37.90




Market jump into Gold on safe haven awaken demand as Global share slump on China worry returns

market still facing resistance 1235 while market support now at 1223-25 zone

as long as market daily close sustain below 1240 the downtrend pressure will sustain on market , while any daily close above 1240 may reverse those indicators which will open the way for farther rebound correction toward 1265

a waiting daily close for more signals
  LEVEL1 1223-25 1235
  LEVEL2 1215 1244
  LEVEL3 1208 1265

Dow Jones

  US30 Dow-Jones


As we see over the chart, market managed to head for another small drop correction while market still holding above first support 17565

as long as market holding above this zone the market will sustain uptrend movement toward 18000-100 zone with up and down movement

below 17565 market may head for bigger drop correction where next support at 17400 zone
  LEVEL1 17565 17790
  LEVEL2 17400 17880
  LEVEL3 17000 18000



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