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As we see over the chart, market managed to hold trades below our resistance 1.1070 which managed to push market below 1.0960 after US GDP last Friday where market still signaling more drop toward our targeted zone 1.0800 and 1.0700 as we advised before

market short-run resistance at 1.0980 where as long as market holding below this zone will expect farther drop as we see over the chart

LEVEL1 10860 1.0910
LEVEL2 1.0810 1.0960-80
LEVEL3 1.0780 1.1070




market managed to fell to test support 1.3845 as we see over the chart, while as long as this support stand a chance for rebound correction may sustain toward 1.3960-1.4000 zone

from that zone will expect the downtrend pressure to back on market to head toward 1.3655 zone, while market have chance to sustain drop without any rebound correction and so keep eye on first resistance 1.3915

above 1.4040 expect 1.4140-60

  LEVEL1 1.3845 1.3915
  LEVEL2 1.3780 1.3960-1.4000
  LEVEL3 1.3720 1.4040




as we see over the chart, market managed to break above resistance level of the downtrend line 112.60 where market managed to sustain advance toward 114.00 before retreated back to test 112.50-60 support zone

as long as market holding above 112.50 the market will have chance to sustain advance toward 115.10

below 112.50 market may head to re-test downtrend line around 111.50-60 zone before rebound back toward 115.10

below 111.00 market will add more drop risk toward 110.00 zone

LEVEL1 112.50 113.40
LEVEL2 111.50-60 114.00
LEVEL3 111.00 115.10


Crude Oil

Oil 6J - New Contract


As we see over the chart, market failed to break above resistance 34.80 which hold the downtrend pressure back over Oil

as we advised before as long as market holding below 34.80 the downtrend pressure will sustain for another drop to test 29.40 and 27.55

above 34.80 market may sustain advance toward 36.50-37.00 zone

  LEVEL1 32.30 33.60-80
  LEVEL2 30.50-70 34.40-80
  LEVEL3 29.40 36.00




as long as market holding trades below 1264 another drop correction will still on hand to test 1180-85 zone

above 1264 market may head to test 1300-10 zone

short-run: market showing trading zone between 1211 - 1250 , while market showing first resistance at 1238-43 zone where as long as market holding below this resistance another drop will be expected toward 1220 zone

below 1211 will be good sign of continues drop to test 1180-85 zone


LEVEL1 1218-20 1238-43
LEVEL2 1211 1250
LEVEL3 1200 1264


Dow Jones

Mini Dow-Jones


Market retreated before testing resistance 16880-900 while market still holding trades above support 16390

as long as market holding above 16390 another rebound toward 16700 zone will be expected

below 16390 market will face support at 16200-30 zone while below this zone farther drop yet to come

LEVEL1 16390 16630
LEVEL2 16200-30 16700-30
LEVEL3 16000 16880-900



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