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Forex forecasts

11.02.2016 - The quotes of euro can be corrected in the near future

The price of euro yesterday after a strong growth, stabilized around the level of 1.1300, and are trying to fix above this level. If successful, the growth of quotations will continue to 1.1400. At the moment, there is a high probability of a downward correction, but a signal of change in the local rising trend will be price fixing below 1.1200. The target level in this case will be 1.1050 and 1.0985. We maintain our medium-term negative outlook, despite the possible continuation of growth in the near future and look forward to the sell signal.


Forex and CFD

11.02.2016 - Technical view

Currencies trading and euro. The price of EUR/USD showed a significant increase in volatility yesterday, but after a sharp decline restored earlier lost positions and returned to the level of 1.1300. Further price growth is possible to 1.1400. We expect the resumption of the negative dynamics of price after the current ascending impulse. Our medium-term outlook remains negative.

Nearest resistance levels: 1.1350, 1,1400, 1.1450, 1.1500, 1.1750

Nearest support levels: 1.1200, 1.1080, 1.1050, 1.0985, 1.0900, 1.0800, 1.0700, 1.0550

Currencies trading and British pound. The price of GBP/USD after the recent correction to the level of 1.4365, has started to grow along the inclined support line and currently quotes fixed...


11.02.2016 - The dollar fell after a speech by Janet Yellen

Currency trading and the euro. The price of euro after yesterday's increased volatility caused by the speech of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen, returned to the local maximums. So, Mrs. Yellen’s rhetoric was dovish, and a decrease in the average interest rate forecasts to 1.4% this year and 2.4% in 2017 had a negative impact on the dynamics of the US dollar. It is worth noting that according to the head of the Fed, a strong dollar will more quickly improve the economic situation in developed countries, which will allow the central banks of the Eurozone and Japan start tightening policy earlier. Today, the dynamics of trading will affect the statistics on unemployment claims in the US (13:30 GMT), as well as the speech of the Fed (15:00 GMT). Tomorrow will be published statistics on retail sales in the US. Our medium-term outlook for the euro remains negative.


Experts' opinion

11.02.2016 - The fall of oil can continue to 25 dollars per barrel

The price of oil continues to decline amid growing concerns of investors about the global economic growth this year, as well as the slowdown in demand for oil. Oil production within OPEC last month was 32.6 million barrels per day and will continue to grow in the near future, with increased production volumes in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The volume of production in the US also remained stable, despite the reduction in the number of active drilling rigs. We expect a continuation of the negative dynamics of Light Sweet oil price with the potential of reaching the levels of 25.00 and 22.00 dollars per barrel and near these levels, it makes sense to start to accumulate long positions.



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