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Welcome to the May edition of the Top Partner Newsletter from PaxForex.

This month, we added 44 shares to our MT4 paltform. During next month we'll release IB commission structure for them, so stay tuned!

New Promotion for IB's - "TOP PARTNER"

Read short interview from our April winner of "TOP PARTNER" promotion.


1. "TOP  PARTNER" promotion will be held on monthly basis. Here is the prizes for top three IB's in our rating:

1st place - $1000

2nd place - $500

3rd place - $300

Our current rating you can find below and interview with TOP PARTNER in April as well.

2. PaxForex responds to forex trader demand for more trading instruments. Now 44 shares added to the award-winning PaxForex MT4 platform include Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Boeing, Coca-cola, Tesla and many more. Check out full list here.

3. Check out PaxForex monthly report from our analitics department that shows in details what your clients could earn in April using our trading signals.What you could earn on Forex in April 2016.

1 $19.133 / fe***
2 $18.381 / sdr****
3 $16.598 / we**
4 $14.184/ nm****
5 $11.964 / qd***
1 73 / ba****
2 64 / oosd****
3 62 / vvd****
4 57 / s33****
5 51 / vce****


Today we're talking with one of our successful IB partners Arun from the city of Manila, The Philippines. Arun is the long time owner of a grocery store in his hometown. Just a year ago he decided to discover new opportunities in different business areas in order to increase his overall income and one day found out our company's IB advertising. As time has shown, this radically changed his life.

Arun, as we see, you're an experienced businessman. Why did you decide to join the forex field?

Hello and thanks for your interview invitation! Well, yes, you are right. I have many years of work in personal business, so I can name myself as an experienced man in it. Forex is highly popular in my country and worldwide. I thought a long time before I made my final decision. You know, if you want to join the serious business, you have to do a deep research of the market field, main competitors, ranges of offers, and so on. In my opinion, forex is one of those profitable fields where you can really find your place under the sun.

What attracted you to PaxForex IB partnership program?

The main point is the honesty of PaxForex. You know, there are thousands of forex companies on the internet and it's no easy task to find a right one. I also like very much the conditions for the partnership. PaxForex offers me not just the highest partners commissions on the market but also a constant compan's support through partnership plan, exceptional technical service, easy ways for withdrawing my commissions and really cool tools to attract my referrals.

And how do you find your clients?

I use a wide range of social marketing tools, including high activity in social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, forex forums and so on. I'm currently working on my own forex website and I think this will significantly increase my clients and mutually beneficial profits. PaxForex promo banners is another tool that working very well.

How significantly did your overall income increase after the beginning your partnership with PaxForex?

Well, it's up to 50-60% and it is still growing! I'm really happy that now I can increase my general investment plans, relying not upon only to my store's revenue but also to profits earned in IB partnership. I think I even will need more additional time if my client base continues to grow at the present rate. In general, I'm very satisfied that I found this company and its really great opportunities for small and medium businesses

Do you think your example can influence your fellow citizens?

I hope so! We live in a difficult time of world economic and political crisis, and it is highly important to find new ways in order to ensure personal, your famly's as well as friends' financial situations. They should be informed about new opportunities of the growth. The IB program of PaxForex provides just that and even more.

Tell us about your immediate plans?

I think my immediate plans are targeted to help other people get as much as possible information about PaxForex so that they could become my affiliates for the greatly beneficial cooperation for both sides. I provide my clients with all necessary and detailed information about this financial market and they usually get from me a full package of knowledge they need to start.


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