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Welcome to our November newsletter! 03-11-2016 by EasyMarkets




Here are 5 things to know for this month and our top earners for October 


First Deposit Now $100

Since we increased the minimum deposit at the beginning of October we’ve seen a higher overall client value which in turn has meant higher commissions for our affiliates, so well done all of you for updating to $100 as min deposit!


Affiliate Knowledge Base

The new knowledge base on our forex-affiliate site is now the go-to place for information to help you improve as an affiliate. Find out more about easyMarkets and our affiliate programme, learn how to optimize the performance of your website and campaigns and discover new channels to promote through. We’ll continue to add to the knowledge base so be sure to check in regularly and be sure to email us if you have any suggested FAQ to you’d like added.


Affiliate Conferences

We attended the Berlin Affiliate Conference last month and it was great to meet some of you. Thank you for taking the time to say hello! If you’re planning to be at the London Affiliate Conference, then do let us know to arrange a meet-up.

This also means commissions are earned faster since it’s easier to accumulate commission on higher deposits.


Data Encryption

We’ve updated our tracking links to HTTPS by default now, so please, if you’re using HTTPS sites, get a fresh tracking link by logging in to the affiliate system. This will ensure better tracking of your clients. Do contact us for assistance.


High CTR for dealCancellation Landing Page

We’re seeing a high click through rate of our dealCancellation landing page, especially in Tier 2 countries (refer page 10 of our commissions booklet).

If you have a blog or article about dealCancellation then consider linking to the dealCancellation page directly. You can get links here.


Top Affiliate Commissions in October

1. Fu** $13,431.33

2. k** $12,853.66

3. bl** $8,580.64

4. wa** $6,243.84

5. ze** $5,915.72


That’s all from us for now. Have a great November!



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