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How to Make Money Trading Forex While Being Lazy


When one says the word “Lazy”, the picture normally depicts someone who is probably obese, sitting idle all day without any ambition or with nothing to call his achievement. Whether this is actually true is certainly subject to debate but that has been the stereotype associated with the term “Lazy”. However, what if I tell you that a lazy person is that successful sharp suited person out there, can you believe that? The reality is that it just depends on what you are just being lazy for but that obese person I talked about earlier may not be lazy as you think and I will tell you how. The issue is that from my own personal observation, the serious workaholic and over thinking approach may not be the best for trading and investment but don’t be surprised that the no-stress approach may be the best when it comes to trading and investments.

When a trader makes a decision and allows the circumstances of the market to determine the outcome without having to mount unnecessary surveillance on the system, it may be termed as laziness by some people but in my opinion it could be the smartest thing a trader can do to make it big. Most people keep a constant round the clock vigilance on the market but what I find about this is that it does not really achieve nothing except the fact that it create doubt in the mind of the trader which makes them change their position so often and quick in such a way that makes no sense. In fact, the best way to go about it is just to be “Lazy” with your trades, sit back and allow ample time for circumstances to determine the outcome. By doing so, you will be saved from watching the up and down movements of the market that could make you become nervous and start changing positions prematurely. In the longer run, this approach is what is needed to get a higher risk reward return which most traders neglect.

Watching the fluctuations every now and then causes traders to make unnecessary emotional based trading decisions which they are bound to regret at the end. However, the so called lazy traders use the “keep calm and relax approach” and it works from experience but the serious thing trader will continue to interfere with his trading positions and oversteps the boundary and cause a major devastation by himself.

One “take away” from this subject is that are two kinds of traders and they are those whose daily living sole depends on trading and for this reason, the approach it as a “do or die” as their life depend on it. The other ones are those who are satisfied with their job and timetable and enjoy every bit of it. It is a case of one trader taking it calm while the other is under a lot of pressure placed by himself to make a lot of money at all cost and this drives him to make mistakes like trading and over leveraging his trade. However, the stress free approach may be seen as slow but the good thing is that in the long run, the end game produces a better result.

In conclusion, the best thing for traders is to detach themselves emotionally from their trade and allow much space for things to move on. In fact, from experience having to detached yourself from trades will produce better results and it is being said that the market will likely entertain you more when you become more bored.

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